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Faronics Announces Insight 7.7: An A+ Solution For School IT Administrators
Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 03:44:55 PM


ANCOUVER, B.C. and SAN RAMON, California, June 21, 2012 – School administrators, instructors and IT teams eager to harness the potential of computer-aided learning with an improved classroom management solution:   Faronics Insight 7.7.

Insight already helps teachers to deliver a better learning experience by eliminating distractions, promoting collaboration, and evaluating understanding. Version 7.7 introduces a free Tech console to help IT administrators do more with less.

Tech Console Facilitates Control and Support

The new Tech Console allows administrators and IT teams to provide remote support to teachers and students alike that previously required an on-site presence.  They can also perform network management tasks without even leaving their desks, including monitoring security risks, updating software, reporting on technology usage and updating power settings. IT can also manage Faronics Deep Freeze using the Tech Console.   Deep Freeze removes unauthorized system changes and returns a computer to its original state, which eliminates the need for re-imaging or troubleshooting—reducing support incidents up to 63 percent.

“Computer-aided learning is a critical component of today’s educational environment.  Administrators must maximize the investment they have made in hardware and software, and teachers must use technology to create a more effective learning experience,” said Dmitry Shesterin, VP, product management at Faronics. “To achieve these goals, administrators, teachers and IT teams must work together to manage school learning networks; Faronics Insight facilitates that collaboration and cooperation.”

Insight is light and effective using 95 percent less bandwidth than competitive solutions and requiring very little memory.    Insight’s desktop management and remote control capabilities give IT teams the ability to support and manage more labs without leaving their offices.

For teachers, Faronics Insight allows improved collaboration and communication through features such as sharing their screens and/or audio with students, and assisting students directly via chat and remote control.  Teachers can ensure students are working on lessons assigned via the screen monitoring feature.  Simple voting and testing to gauge student understanding makes planning lessons and learning pace easier.

Principal features of Faronics Insight 7.7 include:

  • Student monitoring –      Allows instructors to monitor all student activity from their own      workstation
  • Distraction elimination –      Insight limits access to the Web, applications, printing and drives.  Blank screen features allows instructor      to quick get students’ attention
  • Communications enhanced –      Audio, chat and broadcast features facilitate interaction between teachers      and students
  • Student support – Teachers      can control student’s machines, co-browse, and share their monitors with      students
  • Progress assessment      -  Insight enables easy voting and      testing features to help gauge understanding
  • Administration simplified      – Allows dynamic class-list importing and ability to send/receive files      and assignments
  • Multi-platform      availability – Insight works on PCs, Macs, Linux, thin clients, iPads,      iPhones, and iPod Touch devices
  • Tech Console – IT teams      can provide remote support and perform network management tasks remotely
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