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Faronics Launches LabPro to Streamline Computer Lab Management
Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 03:15:27 PM

Complete Computer Tracking Software Package Facilitates Faster Decision Making and Eases Management of Computer Labs with Real-time Data.

VANCOUVER, B.C. and SAN RAMON, Calif. December 4, 2012 – Faronics, a global leader in simplifying, securing and managing multi-user computer environments, announced the availability of Faronics LabPro, a software solution that enables computer lab managers to accurately track computer and application usage with ease using real-time and historical data.

Managing a network of computer labs can be challenging. Planning for the future requires reliable usage data, but internal tracking systems are inconsistent and difficult to maintain. Trying to analyze data manually can be frustrating and strains the bandwidth of busy lab staff. LabPro addresses this need with an effective data tracking system for computers, labs, users and applications. LabPro is the perfect choice for customers in the education markets, as well as those operating computer labs in libraries.

LabPro Enables Smart Decisions

LabPro automatically tracks computer usage including log-in information, average session length, and applications used, as well as printer ink and paper. LabPro generates shareable, easy to interpret graphs and reports that help lab managers identify usage trends. It’s easy to optimize existing assets by relocating under-used machines to high traffic zones or to adjust operating hours to match demand. Knowing exactly how and when computers and labs are used helps lab managers justify where to reduce or eliminate computers or software licenses, as well as where to invest in additional resources.

“LabPro was designed with every feature lab managers need,” said Dmitry Shesterin, vice president of product management at Faronics. “LabPro makes it easy to track and manage computer labs with real-time data. Detailed reports provide instant intelligence to make better decisions. This helps save money and time by optimizing usage for labs, computers, applications, and printers. All these features add up to create an optimal experience for lab staff, teachers and students.”

LabPro Saves Time

Manual inventory and head counting tracking can be extremely time consuming and inaccurate. With automatic tracking, LabPro produces consistent results with minimal staff involvement and time commitment, allowing busy lab managers to focus on other strategic priorities. The easy to interpret reports help Lab Managers to make faster decisions based on facts, which enables quicker budget approvals.

With online lab reservation capabilities, LabPro also saves lab managers time by allowing instructors to submit reservation requests online and avoid manual scheduling hassles. The automated system prevents double-booking and ensures workstations are available when needed. Students benefit as well from Workstation Maps, which displays the nearest available computer to students via computers or mobile devices.

LabPro Saves Money

LabPro tracks and collects hardware and software usage over time, which allows IT administrators and lab managers to identify wasted resources and unused computers, labs and software products. Under-

used computers or software licenses can be eliminated or relocated based on accurate statistics. Once existing resources are optimized to match user demand, justifying budget decisions is simple based on the numbers.

LabPro Facilitates Smoother Lab Operations

Knowing which machines require maintenance can be difficult when managing multiple labs. LabPro reveals technical problems as they occur with Trouble Tickets, a feature that allows students to submit IT support tickets for common issues such as poor computer conditions or corrupt software. In addition, usage reports can identify under-used machines, which may indicate problems. This system helps to resolve problems quickly and increase machine availability. LabPro also allows workstation alerts. IT administrators can send custom messages to communicate emergencies and important information to a network of machines or a single workstation.

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